George F. Will is not my favorite pundit. Not even a little. He goes into fits of indignation over the calumnity of liberals at the least provocation, he plays loose with facts, and his arguments often fall apart when you give them a hard look (witness, for example, this column in defense of the S.A.T., in which Will waxes indignant over those vicious egalitarians trying to wipe out the supposed meritocracy of college admissions by eliminating standardized tests, leaping from the noble origins — skipping that nasty eugenicist bit — of the test to the present day while failing to provide a single piece of evidence that the S.A.T., fifty years later, is still a tool in the service of merit). I don’t know that the statement quoted in this Slate piece, about the McVeigh case and the FBI’s belated discovery of withheld evidence, was from one of his columns instead of Sunday afternoon blather, but if it was, the editor should be ashamed of herself. Will is quoted as saying "He’s guilty. He’s not remorseful about having killed 20 more people than were killed in the Gulf War." McVeigh is guilty, and McVeigh isn’t remorseful, but he sure didn’t kill 20 more people than were killed in the Gulf War. I’m not a pundit. I don’t get paid to think all day, bang out a smug column twice a week, and make an occasional talking-head TV appearance. But a 5 minute Google search confirmed that even the lowest estimates say that over two thousand Iraqis were killed. Perhaps George thinks that those who never saw DiMaggio hit one over the fence aren’t people. Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that Justice Reinquist is under the impression that a 10 Commandments monument "does not express [a] city’s preference for a particular religion or for religious belief in general." Who’s kidding whom? I understand arguments that the establishment clause doesn’t prevent all government-sponsored religious expression, but that’s not what Reinquist is saying. He’s saying that the Ten Commandments are not a specifically Judeo-Christian, religious artifact. Maybe Reinquist forgot the First Commandment the way Will forgot those Iraqis.