Despite the paucity of my updates lately, I’m still out here. Last weekend, I moved into a new apartment a few blocks away from my old one, which was a great deal of sound and fury for very little physical translation. The new apartment has more light and more room than the old one, but a smaller and more poorly designed kitchen, which I hope will not impact V.‘s principal hobby too badly. I hope to be back posting regularly as soon as my DSL is up and running, but given that I’m dealing with the most Kafkaesque of the Baby Bells, I don’t expect that before next week. Some of my favorite compatriots seem to have succumbed to the beginning of the semester, but I have entirely different problems. Additionally, with the anniversary of Sept. 11th tomorrow, I haven’t felt hugely enthusiastic about writing something cheerfully trivial. Chad Orzel’s advice for commemorating that horrible day seems as good as any: "Buy a cop lunch. Buy a fireman a beer. Go to church, light a candle and pray." When the news was breaking, I immediately thought of giving blood; a year ago, donations surged beyond America’s needs (and even America’s storage capacity), but blood banks are still around and would still appreciate help. Thanks for bearing with me in my quiet time; I’ll be jabbering again real soon. None