A long weekend for me is a time for much drinking — not just alcohol, either. I’m headed to the Southwest Baltimore Sowebo Festival tomorrow, and if it’s not raining, I plan on drinking plenty of delicious lemonade. There’s nothing better at a hot street fair than something cold to drink; I’m not a big soda drinker, having weaned myself off the ridiculous amount of Mountain Dew I drank as a college student, but I like a Dr Pepper now and then. Poker night regulars (and sons of the Palmetto State) Greg and Chas have tipped me off to a regional delicacy — Blenheim’s Ginger Beer. (It’s hotter than Reed’s Original, although I haven’t taste-tasted it against Reed’s Extra; ginger beer, mixed with vodka and lime juice, makes a Moscow Mule, one of my favorite drinks.) And Jimmy at work informed me of Virginia’s Dominion Root Beer, which is just excellent: not harsh at all, but mellow and flavorful. V. and I had root beer floats tonight over a round of cards. Soda fountain classics and talking trash over cardplaying are a fine way to spend a rainy weekend night. None