Some people are calling today’s Super Bowl the "Gruden Bowl" after Jon Gruden, who left Oakland for Tampa Bay last summer. (His current team one.) But since it was the Oakland Raiders vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I think it should go down in the books as the Pirate Bowl. Pirates have obvious merits as sports team mascots. They’re instantly identifiable. They’re graphically interesting. They’re mean. Both teams depict their pirates as pasty white guys, which slights the proud tradition of African, Arab, and Chinese piracy but forestalls any of the complaints that spring up when you name your team something like "the Redskins". (At least Louis Sockalexis played for the Cleveland baseball team, even if they weren’t actually named after him; the great Jim Thorpe played for a number of football teams, but not Washington.) The Pittsburgh Pirates got their name after "pirating" Louis Bierbauer away from the Philadelphia Athletics, but both Oakland and Tampa are port cities. However, where Tampa celebrates regional (and presumably nonexistant) pirate José Gaspar with its annual festival of Gasparilla, Oakland celebrates pirates by dressing up like extras from The Road Warrior. Raider Nation may be full of crazed, aggressive fans, but they’re not really crazed, aggressive, pirate fans. Better luck next year, Oakland! None