I spent some happy hours at work cranking out ColdFusion while listening to WFMU, freeform radio out of Orange, NJ, thanks to the sound-driver-twiddling skills of Brian in the cube next to mine. (I doubt that he’ll ever read this page, but if so, thanks, Brian!) Listening to Terre T‘s shift as DJ, I heard not only a song by (Neko Case side project) the New Pornographers but also “Identity” by poppy brat-punk pioneers X-Ray Spex. Coincidentally, last weekend I went on a drag-me-out-of-the-store-before-I-spend-more-money shopping spree at Soundgarden in Baltimore and finally replaced my copy of X-Ray Spex’s "Germfree Adolescents", which I’ve been lacking since someone walked off with about 20 CDs of mine in college. I don’t know how I’ve done without it all these years; it’s so damn exuberant and full of life that it makes being a teenager again sound almost fun. Poly Styrene makes those days of coding fly right by! None