I live right outside a major tourist destination, but like most people who live near major tourist destinations, I rarely do tourist things — except when tourists are in town. My college roommate has been contemplating a move to DC, and he’s making an exploratory visit, which meant yesterday was spent wandering around the Mall and being reminded of just how nice tourist interactions can be. A man in a Sikh’s turban managed to communicate to me that he wanted me to use his camera to take a picture him using hand gestures and about three words of English. In the National Gallery, an older man with a heavy Italian accent stopped me. "Excuse me, what does it mean, this word?" he asked, pointing to the "American Naive Art" sign. "It means, well, untrained," I responded. He turned to look at one of the paintings. "Oh, yes! That baby," he said, pointing at a particularly unrealistic depiction of an infant, "he is 30 years old!" Then he broke out into a big grin, and I did too — two tourists enjoying a joke. None