V., with what is sure to be sporadic assistance from me, has started a food blog, The Hungry Tiger. It will be, we hope, opinionated, well-written, and useful. There are recipe sites out there, both professional and homegrown. There are weblogs devoted to bacon and soup and cocktails. Newsletters have sprung up, while older ones have come online. But the Internet is a notorious breeding ground for cranks and obsessives! Chuck Taggart may be a devoté of traditional Cajun food, but he’s hardly a lunatic about it. Jan and Michael Stern get worked up about greasy spoons and pancake houses, but they aren’t lunatics. Where are the eight-page-long rants about the proper way to grill a steak or oysters Rockefeller made with spinach? There are funny food pages, like the pork martini or Stinkfactor, and I can find opinionated (perhaps even surly) reviews of beer or wine, but over a dozen pages devoted to Dr Pepper knockoffs? Where is the person who will obsess about artisan cheeses as though they were as important as GI Joes or the Transformers, much less something really important like vi versus emacs? Somewhere in the world, there’s someone with a fondness for heirloom tomatoes and aged range-fed beef, a copy of Dreamweaver, and far too much time and attention to spend explaining why everything we know about food is wrong. I eagerly await his or her arrival.